We are in an unprecedented time where our country is actively being undone by our current administration. The plan is clear, greedy rich billionaires are trying to derail all of the gains we have won on various progressive fronts and that especially goes for the Environmental Movement.

Over the last year and a half “45” has tried to ramp up oil drilling off every coast in the U.S., rolled back protections on natural treasures like Bears Ears and made it more difficult to import solar renewable energy sources so that his oil buddies have a few more good decades polluting our planet with carbon spewing energy.

The Santa Clara Valley Democratic Club was lucky to have RL Miller, one of the most influential environmentalist in the country, at our February Club meeting. She is the co-founder of Climate Hawks Vote, an organization that advocates for candidates who champion renewable energy sources and are breaking away from fossil fuel.

We heard RL’s picks for state Democratic races, leading up to the California Democratic Convention.

RL is also Chair of the California Democratic Environmental Caucus is an elected member of the Ventura County Democratic Central Committee. You can find her on Twitter at @RL_Miller where she is sure to be challenging electeds and candidates to sign the no fossil fuel money campaign pledge.

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