The Santa Clara Valley Democratic Club (our official name) is on a mission to turn all of Ventura County blue. Through our efforts we can build a more progressive Ventura County that takes care of its most vulnerable residents, its economy and the environment.

Ventura County, especially the Santa Clara Valley, is a beautiful resource-rich environment nestled between rugged mountains and a majestic ocean. Generations of families stay in Ventura to take advantage of this bounty of riches but all of this is in jeopardy. Not all residents are free to enjoy this wealth and there are continuous threats to our environment, to the services that form our County’s safety net and to our ability to earn a living with a good job and our ability to afford to live here.

It is only through our solidarity and action that we can create a foundation for a County that is fair and accessible to all. To do that, we need your help. Sign up to join the Club or sign up to volunteer to help us turn every corner of Ventura County blue.

2022 Endorsements

The Santa Clara Valley Democratic Club is proud to have endorsed the follow candidates for the 2022 election.

Santa Paula City Council

Pedro Chavez

Manuel Minjares

Santa Paula School Board, Area 1

Tommy Frutos

Fillmore City Council

Lynn Edmonds

Zachary Lotshaw

Albert Mendez